Nonprofit Partners

Starre Olympic National Park

Without nonprofit groups doing the important conservation work they do, our natural areas wouldn’t be as beautiful, healthy, and vibrant as they are. That’s why I’ve committed 10% of the profits from Dogwood & Hastings to go back to the communities where the original images for the prints were taken. I’ve had personal contact with each of these groups and trust and admire the work that they do.

New York City: Riverkeeper (Hudson River protection and conservation)

  • Manhattan Bedrock print

Connecticut: Wildlife in Crisis (wild animal rehab facility)

  • Winged Decay print
  • Yankee Orange print

Mexico: Grupo Ecologica de la Costa Verde (Sea turtle protection on the Nayarit coast)

  • Eternal Flight print
  • Sherbet Sky print

Oregon: Oregon Wild (protects old-growth forests and wildlands)

  • November Mushrooms print
  • Pink Urchiness print
  • Wind-on-Sand print
  • Chuck’s Mossway print

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