The Wares

Table Setting 1 Mushroom

Dogwood & Hastings is debuting in September, 2014 on Kickstarter, with a collection of housewares, including tablecloths, napkins, and accompanying “table jewelry” (napkin rings, candleholders and tablecloth weights). Please support the Kickstarter here!

Coming in the Spring of 2015, pillows, curtains and additional styles of tablecloths and napkins will be brought to our fans. Hopefully totebags too, as I have just sourced some high-quality organic cotton/recycled poly canvas.

Pillows are made with a supersoft organic cotton knit fabric, and pillow inserts are stuffed with downy (and vegan) kapok tree fiber; all designs will continue to be based on original photographs by Starre Vartan.


NYC Bedrock Tablecloth

Mexican Set with Napkin Ring

Mexican Sunset Table Setting


Barbados Balustrade Pillow

The Barbados Balustrade pillow is made from an image I took while on a trip to the Caribbean island. You can see the original (and additional) Barbados images here.

Train/Moon Pillow

The Train/Moon pillow is taken from an image from the Manhattan collection; a tiny early-rising 2/3 moon hovers above the graphic inevitability of the train tracks that lead from suburbs to Big City.

NYC Bedrock Scarf (Limited Edition)

The NYC Bedrock scarf is made from a photo I took of bedrock laced with leaves in Central Park. Most of Manhattan island is underlain with two types of schist; this one is from the Hartland Formation, about 400-500 million years old. This type of hard metamorphic rock makes the skyscrapers of the city (and their enormous weights) possible. They are also fun to climb when you’re in the park.


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